Like a Boss review “The equivalent of getting sprayed in the eyes with perfume”

Like a Boss movie posterI’ve lived a lot of places, and therefore, I’ve met a lot of people with different birthdays. I know someone that turned 18, and celebrated by seeing Avengers: Endgame on its opening night. I also know people that got to see movies like Knives Out, Toy Story 3, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. And what was I so lucky to get for my birthday? None other than the new Tiffany Hadish and Rose Byrne film, Like a Boss.

This is a film with some people that have shown they are funny in the past, Salma Hayek in The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Rose Byrne in Instant Family, and Tiffany Haddish in [no movies found], so the fact that this movie would be garbage wasn’t a given.

However, shocking everyone in the cinema landscape, Like a Boss is one of the worst films of the year. I know the year is still early, but seriously, I can’t imagine it leaving the bottom five, even with the sequel to After coming out soon. So, what could make a movie so bad that I declare it one of the years worth with another 48 weeks of movies left to come out? Well, come with me, and I’ll show you a whole world of garbage, with this review of Like a Boss.

So as I rack my brain trying to find something good to say about this movie, I can find almost nothing good to say. I liked the poster of the perfume bottle grenade? There’s a cameo at the end that made me say “Oh, I like that actress in things that aren’t this.” Also, compared to another review where I also didn’t have anything good to say about the film, this film at least has a good message of “Don’t sell out, always be friends.” And… yep, that’s it. That’s every good thing about Like a Boss, so let’s just get into the bad. Starting with just the plain, regular ol’ bad, we have the storytelling.

While storytelling is usually not the forte of comedy films, lately there have been some wonderfully told comedic films like Game Night and Booksmart. Meanwhile, with Like a Boss, it feels more like a series of smaller vignettes with recurring characters. Scenes don’t really end, they fizzle, as they just continue going with the jokes that were unfunny to begin with to the point that you want to saw off your ears with a cheese grater so you don’t have to hear the comedy anymore. But the way that the story is told is just packed with scenes that do nothing for the characters or story, and only exist in order to give us more dreadful comedy. 

Rose Byrne in Game Night

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Delving further into the abyss of quality this film is, let’s talk about the characters. Our heroes, Mia and Mel, who I’m pretty sure if the director had a gun to his head couldn’t tell you which is which (I checked, he couldn’t), are basically just the two characters that these actresses play in virtually every movie. Rose Byrne plays a somewhat soft-spoken and sensible person (Neighbors, Instant Family) which isn’t awful, but we’ve seen that she can be great when Byrne does something like Spy.

I’ve also just told you probably ninety percent of who her character is, aside from at the end of the film when she finally embraces her inner Haddish. Tiffany Haddish plays the role of the louder, crazier friend in the group who drives them to do some wild things, you know, like Girl’s Trip. And while I am not a fan of that film, I can at least say that they attempt to give its characters, well, character. So it’s the fact that our two leads are given approximately no character, except that which is mostly established from previous unrelated films. Then we have all the other characters who are all lackadaisical stereotypes, which makes the film so much harder to connect to.

But we all know what I’m going to say is the worst thing about Like a Boss, and while I know the comedy isn’t necessarily targeted at me, the humor in this film is just… I didn’t laugh a single time. I actually have to say that Lady and the Tramp (2019) got more laughs out of me than this actual comedy, and the fact I have to say something good about that film just hurts my soul.

It’s literally just the same comedy as another Haddish film, Night School, which I also felt was incredibly unfunny, but at least that film actually tried to set up jokes. Meanwhile here, we have Rose Byrne beating up drones for what feels like an hour with nearly no set up, as she puts a drone in her purse, and then beats the crap out of it. Tiffany Haddish commits the same egregious crime as she always does of just doing lots and lots of yelling. 

The Salma Hayek scenes go on for much too long, Billy Porter scenes go on for too long, and the baby shower scenes go on forever. I know I already touched on this, but it’s just maddening. Every scene peeters out quickly and then just continues to the point where the movie gets bored of it and it stops halfway through the joke. It would be like if for nearly nine hundred words, I had just talked about a movie that I thought was the worst of the year, which seems like it’d be a pretty easy thing to guess from the trailers along with the title of this review. That I would just say the same things over and over again about how the performances, characters, acting, and storytelling is just awful, and it may be one of the worst comedies I have ever seen, and then I would just stop halfway through. Here, let me show you what I mean.


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