Meet the Team

Founder & Editor

Adam BrannonAdam Brannon

Adam Brannon was born on the outskirts of Kingston Upon Hull, and has grown up with a passion for film, his favourite being Jurassic Park.

After completing GCSE and A-Level exams at an East Yorkshire comprehensive school, Adam moved on to the University of Lincoln, UK where a degree in journalism was on the cards. After graduating in 2010, Adam moved back home to Hull.

He now works as a Content Marketing Manager for Summit, a leader in online marketing, based in Willerby on the outskirts of Hull. He is also proud to lead entertainment columns for The Lincolnite, What’s On Hub: Hull & East Yorkshire and East Riding Mums.

In late 2018, Adam was selected to become a member of the Internet Film Critics Society, based on his contributions to the field over the last decade. The IFCS is designed to stimulate awareness of the internet as a respectable and professional source of film critique and related content.

Favourite film: Jurassic Park

Favourite sequel: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Favourite cinema snack: Sweet popcorn

Favourite director: Steven Spielberg

Favourite movie franchise: Harry Potter


Jesse WilliamsJesse Williams

Jesse Williams was born in Hull and grew up watching 80s films with her dad.

Currently studying English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln, Jesse writes her own blog as well as contributing to many other film magazines. In the future, she wants to write for Empire or, if she’s lucky, write and direct her own feature films.

Favourite film: The Breakfast Club

Favourite sequel: Home Alone 2

Favourite cinema snack: Sweet popcorn with Munchies

Favourite director: Wes Anderson

Favourite movie franchise: Evil Dead

Emily WhiteEmily White

Emily is a Nottingham born film fanatic, blogger and wannabe screenwriter.

Currently studying MA Journalism at the University of Lincoln, Emily writes part-time for a multimedia company and contributes to a number of online film sites. A storyteller at heart, Emily hopes to one day write and direct her own movie, just like her movie-making hero Tommy Wisaeu.

Favourite film:  The Room

Favourite sequel:  Blade Runner 2049

Favourite cinema snack: Nachos

Favourite director: Tommy Wiseau

Favourite movie franchise: The Lord of the Rings

Anthony OrtizAnthony Ortiz

Anthony Ortiz was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up neighboring a VHS store. It is said that beautifully crafted movie theatres in the heart of downtown fostered his love for cinema at a young age.

He received his BA in English at the University of California, Santa Barbara and eventually moved back to Los Angeles. Today he can be found on the internet trying to convince others that X-men Origins: Wolverine was a necessary evil and that “it wasn’t THAT bad”.

Favourite film: The Dark Knight

Favourite sequel: Terminator II

Favourite cinema snack: Extra large popcorn with light butter

Favourite director: Tim Burton

Favourite movie franchise: Halloween

Daulton MeadowsDaulton Meadows

Daulton Meadows was born in Waverly, Iowa, and since he was a baby he loved film. Starting with his love of Toy Story, which he watched daily until the age of 2, Daulton’s love of film grew until he saw Kingsman: The Secret Service, which is where his admiration grew to behind the scenes as well.

Currently, you can find Daulton either working at his job as a Cinemark concession worker, watching movies, or working on his own films. With several attempted scripts spanning the action, horror, comedy, and sci-fi genres, Daulton hopes that the 5th time will be the charm.

Favourite Movie: The Nice Guys

Favourite Sequel: The World’s End

Favourite Cinema Snack: Medium Popcorn with Heavy Butter

Favourite Director: Edgar Wright

Favourite Movie Franchise: James Bond

Joshua SorensenJoshua Sorensen

Joshua is a Brisbane born writer, editor, and film fan.

Currently, Joshua is completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wollongong, Australia. Professionally, he works as an editor at Chattr, and writes for online film blogs. He hopes one day to become a full-time film critic.

When he’s not working you can probably find Joshua developing his novels and screenplays or anywhere where there’s cheap wine and good company.

Favourite Movie: Cloud Atlas

Favourite Sequel: Paddington 2

Favourite Cinema Snack: Rose Wine (I’m aware it’s not a “snack” but I do not care)

Favourite Director: Brad Bird

Favourite Movie Franchise: Star Wars

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