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Skinamarink review “Scarier than you think”

As the great John Carpenter once said, horror is a universal language. We are all born afraid. Fear can be attributed to a lot of every day actions. We get to work on time in fear of being late. We attend social events in fear of missing out. Even those who have supposedly mastered fear still feel afraid. Batman fights criminals in fear of letting down the memory of his parents and his city. But what is it that people generally fear the most? What is it that keeps us up at night looking at that dark corner of our bedrooms? The unknown.

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Super Bowl movie trailers 2024: a round-up

As the Super Bowl 2024 captivated audiences with its high-octane sports action, it also served as the premier stage for some of the year’s most anticipated movie trailers. From the return of beloved characters to new, mesmerising tales, these previews have set the stage for a year brimming with cinematic excellence.

Dive into our comprehensive overview of the trailers that have everyone talking, featuring everything from superhero reunions to heart-stopping action thrillers.

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The Curse series review “An awkward concoction of cringe comedy”

Reality TV, you either love it or you hate it. The key is in the name, in that the genre is meant to best portray the reality of people and the situations they’re involved in. However the ‘reality’ of Reality TV is that, more often than not, it’s just as scripted as any other TV show. It’s all an act and everyone plays their part. Shakespeare once wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” It’s a quote that rings true, but one thing out of everyone’s control is how you are perceived by others, no matter how good an actor you are.

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Bottoms review “Spectacularly off-beat and unapologetically weird”

Emma Seligman’s female-run comedy Bottoms is a camp reimagining of Fincher’s Fight Club: but with minimal dick swinging. Toying with the harmful stereotypes surrounding gender that have orbited conversations surrounding the original, Seligman weaves the narrative of two lesbians hellbent on setting up a self defence class in the hopes of losing their virginities to their cheerleader crushes. 

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2024 movie sequels: ones to watch

2024 is shaping up to be an electrifying year for movie buffs as some of the most beloved franchises and captivating stories are set to continue on the silver screen.

From nostalgic hits to anticipated sequels and thrilling new chapters, the upcoming lineup promises to deliver entertainment that transcends boundaries. Let’s dive into the sequels, prequels and story continuations that are eagerly awaited as we make our way into 2024.

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Finding solace in cinema: how films illuminate the path through grief

Grief is an intricate and often overwhelming emotion, one that can feel isolating and insurmountable. Yet, in the depths of despair, unexpected beacons of solace can emerge. For many, cinema has served as a guiding light through the darkest of times, offering narratives that mirror our own experiences and resonate deeply with our emotions.

Among the vast repertoire of films that navigate the complexities of loss, several stand out for their profound ability to provide comfort, understanding, and a glimmer of hope.

Through my own experiences of grief, I’ve pulled together several films which can offer comfort – even in the darkest of times.

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Dream Scenario review “Nic Cage is the man of your dreams in surreal A24 comedy”

Dreams are funny things. Everyone has them, yet we know very little about them and why they happen. A hallucinatory state-of-mind that can take you anywhere and everywhere. But what if someone – a stranger, a nobody – randomly started popping up in not just your dreams, but everyone else’s too. And to top it all off, what if that person was a schlubby, receding hairline Nic Cage!

That’s essentially the basic premise of A24’s latest surreal-comedy Dream Scenario. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli and produced by everyone’s favourite freaky little weirdo Ari Aster, Dream Scenario is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes unsettling and sometimes satirical film that highlights the dangers of fame and virality.

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Saltburn review “A world which criticises and glorifies the spectacle of upperclassmanship in ravenous detail”

The prophetic jumble of voyeuristic images that greet us in the opening moments of Emerald Fennell’s second directorial debut Saltburn construct a mesmerising festival of sharp compositions and saturated colours: quickly morphing from mere indulgence to expressions of rich symbolism under the eyes of its audience.

Linus Sandgren’s cinematography reveals a world which criticises and glorifies the spectacle of upperclassmanship in ravenous detail. As the title card bolts out over Cambridge’s stony walls, vines sprawling in school-boy graffiti from the lettering, Saltburn’s introduction acts as a neatly packaged prognosis on what is to come, briefly revealed to us and concluded like the practiced lick and seal of an envelope.

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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes review “Welcome back to Panem”

In the intricately woven world of Panem, where the Games reign supreme and the Capitol’s control tightens its grip, a gripping narrative unfolds in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. This prequel, directed by three-time Hunger Games film-maker Francis Lawrence, delves into the genesis of the Hunger Games, shedding light on the power struggles and manipulations that set the stage for the dystopian realm immortalised by Suzanne Collins.

The central premise revolves around the dwindling viewership of the Games, an alarming trend that rattles the Capitol’s authority. As the Districts remain pitted against each other, the underlying message emerges: unity is the key to dismantling the oppressive regime.

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