Best Movie Posters of 2017: Top 5

Poster collage 2017Movie posters are big business nowadays. It’s no longer acceptable to mash a load of characters onto a print and slap a big title at the bottom. You have to get creative, and while some films are certainly guilty of falling into the slapdash approach, film posters have become works of art in their own right.

Following on from my article looking at the Best Movie Posters of 2015, I thought it a good idea to look back at the posters from the first 9 months of 2017. A year predicted to be one of the worst on record for Hollywood – oh dear, this isn’t going to be easy is it?

5) Logan

Logan Movie Poster

© 20th century Fox

Logan was a fitting final outing for Hugh Jackman’s Adamantium-clawed superhero. Filled with beautiful scenery and that unusual Western tone, it really made for an exciting, graphic and emotional movie.

Logan’s haunting eyes in this theatrically released poster follow you around with just a whisper of his deadly claws being visible in the bottom half. Much like the film itself, this poster is hauntingly beautiful and deeply understated.

4) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 poster

© Marvel Studios

Those of you who read my reviews, thank you by the way, will know my thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. I was disappointed by the film’s failure to move the game on from its predecessor which I still believe is the best Marvel film to date, though Spider-Man: Homecoming came pretty darn close it has to be said.

The poster above on the other hand is sheer brilliance. Our roster of characters are beautifully rendered in a deep black and white hue that is completely at odds with the series’ love of colour. Heck, the intro scene of Vol. 2 features a monster spewing rainbows out of its mouth for heaven’s sake.

It is this polar opposite that makes the poster stand out. It’s a cracking addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe of posters (if that were a real thing), it’s just a shame the film didn’t quite live up to expectations.

3) IT

IT Poster

Ugh. This film is still giving me the heebie-jeebies. IT has done wonders for the horror genre already and it’s not even been out a week as of writing this article. The modern adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel has had the biggest September opening ever. Just let that sink in for a minute… ever!

The poster itself is now as iconic as the film. Released before anyone had managed to get a good look at the terrifying Pennywise, it was a brilliant idea to keep him concealed behind his trademark balloon until the first trailer landed.

The depth of colour and slight cartoon-esque appearance add an even more menacing tone. If only the S.S. Georgie hadn’t sailed into that bloody storm-drain!

2) Beauty & the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Poster 2017

© Disney

You either love or loathe the Disney remake of Beauty & the Beast. I’m not ashamed to say I really enjoyed it and it’s currently sitting pretty in my top films of the year, though that may of course change over the coming months.

The poster it has to be said is on another level entirely. Beautifully realised and gorgeously drawn with stunning depth of colour, it really is a sight to behold. The red of Belle’s rose juxtaposed with the yellow of her dress and overwhelming black surround is exquisite.

1) Kong: Skull Island

Kong Skull Island poster

© Legendary Pictures

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts brought the monster movie back to life in March with Kong: Skull Island. And while the film had its share of problems, of which the director has already admitted, it was a thrill ride like no other.

The poster represents all the best parts of the film. The gorgeous sun-drenched vistas are reflected well here with Kong towering in front of a beautiful orange sun. The references to Apocalypse Now are there for everyone to see and that’s a good thing, because it gave Skull Island a real sense of identity – something this poster lives up to very well indeed.

Honorable Mention

Dunkirk Poster

© Warner Bros.

A gorgeous film by all accounts, Dunkirk remains an absolute masterpiece by visionary film-maker Christopher Nolan. It also managed to achieve a rare 5 stars from me, so that should tell you how good it is.

The poster is deceptively simple. Look closely and you’ll see beautifully rendered waves crashing in front of our main protagonist. It sets up the film perfectly and really is a very good poster indeed.

Have I missed off a poster you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments box below! I reply to them all.

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