Scariest Movie Clowns: Top 5

Clown collageSo, the modern-day adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is receiving rave reviews from just about everyone who’s gone to see it and rightly so – IT is a terrifying experience from start to finish.

With great performances and stunning imagery, it is the must-see movie event that this summer blockbuster season has been lacking.

Naturally, this got me thinking of other movies that feature some terrifying clowns. It’s a harder job than you might think to pick out five of the scariest movie clowns to ever grace the screen, but I’ve done it, just for you. But which five made the cut? Read on to find out.

5) Zombie Clown (Zombieland)

Zombieland clown

Not a clown film by any means, but this Jesse Eisenberg-led horror comedy about four strangers who join forces to survive the zombie apocalypse certainly featured its fair share of scares.

In particular, this gurgling monstrosity was part of the film’s most memorable scene inside a zombie-ridden fun fair. Freaky rather than outright scary, but the stuff of nightmares, right? Most definitely.

4) Alien Clowns (Killer Klowns from Outer Space)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This frankly ridiculous horror comedy from 1988 was directed by the infamous Chiodo brothers, siblings well-known for their incredible puppetry work.

Living up to its title in every way, these evil alien-shaped clowns terrorise and feast on the living throughout the course of the film. Add to this a very macabre sense of humour and you’ve got a recipe for creepy clown deliciousness.

3) The Joker (The Dark Knight)

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Terrifying for more reasons than just his appearance, Heath Ledger’s now iconic portrayal of the Joker helped take The Dark Knight into the stratosphere for popularity, even earning the sadly deceased actor a posthumous Oscar.

Not scary in the traditional way; the cold, calculating evil of Ledger’s Joker emanates from every single pore. From his washed-out makeup to his disturbing laugh, this take on the classic Batman villain is well-worth of a bronze medal on this list.

2) Possessed Clowns (Poltergeist)

poltergeist clown 1982

Whether it be the 80s classic or the dreadful 2015 remake, each clown appearance in the Poltergeist films has been in a word, terrifying.

Although looking a little dated by today’s standards, the scene in which the 1982 clown attacks our young protagonist is one that stays long after the film has ended. The grinning toy sitting atop that chair struck fear into the hearts of many. So much so in fact that the aforementioned remake decided to repackage the scene.

1) Pennywise (IT)

Pennywise the Clown

There was nowhere else this could go really was there? Pennywise the Dancing Clown if we are to full-name him, is by far the most menacing and terrifying clown iteration to ever grace the big screen.

From Tim Curry’s wonderful performance in the 1990 miniseries to Bill Skarsgård’s absolutely incredible take on the character, Pennywise is one clown that won’t be leaving our nightmares anytime soon.

Honourable Mention

Twisty the Clown
Not movie-related in the slightest, but it would be a disservice to not mention the nightmare-inducing Twisty from American Horror Story.

This creepy, murderous character has featured in Freak Show and also appears in the current series of AHS, Cult.


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