The Week Of review “A sinking boat that’s also on fire”

The Week Of posterIt’s not often that an Adam Sandler vehicle actually looks like it could be a promising watch. One of Netflix’s latest releases, The Week Of, actually seemed like it could have been a fairly okay movie. On paper, it had Chris Rock and a plethora of other typical comedy actors, all of whom have a fair amount of recognisable talent. However, was this talent as recognisable when translated to the actual film?

The answer, in short, is no. This movie, with all of its possible merits and a plot that could have been successful, is bad. Granted, it’s not as though it’s badly made – that would be unfair to say. It’s that it is mind-numbingly boring, to the point where I would have preferred to have sat doing nothing for the two-hour running time, over watching that movie. It got to a point of desperation: I was waiting for it to end.

The Week Of follows two families as they prepare for a wedding. Adam Sandler plays Kenny, father of the bride and in charge of planning her wedding. Chris Rock plays Kirby, father of the groom and a rich Lothario who isn’t the best at being a dad. The plot follows the week of the wedding: people arriving, sorting out the finishing touches, etc. However, as predictably as it could have been written, everything goes wrong.

Adam Sandler, in true Sandler fashion, turned his role into a pit where one-liners come to die. He was cloying, whiny and generally quite bad at a job that he gets paid millions to do. He was the calling card that this movie needed to make people watch it, yet he ruined it all the same.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler in The Week Of

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When you think of Chris Rock, do you see a rich surgeon with ladies falling at his feet? No. Do I see that after watching this movie? Still, no. This role did not suit Rock at all. Hired purely because he is a part of Sandler’s Merry Men, he falls flat in this role, becoming forgettable at best. Surprisingly, he’s not even the worst thing about this movie – and that is saying something.

The back-and-forth between Adam Sandler and his range of tasteless gags completely detracts from the actual storyline: the wedding. His determination to be as obnoxious as possible demonstrates itself through the medium of shouting, badly written slapstick humour, and just general atrocity. This is a shame in the long run: the story of the wedding could have been a real crowd-pleaser. The need for Sandler to be himself is what, ultimately, makes this movie fall flat.

Sandler’s band of Merry Men don’t end there. Steve Buscemi makes an appearance, although it isn’t clear who he actually is until about two minutes before the credits roll. Rachel Dratch plays the obnoxious wife of the obnoxious husband, bringing a new layer to the stereotypical ditsy wife that has definitely not been seen before. The true determination of these actors to sink a ship that was already on fire, is genuinely admirable.

That being said, although it is far from redeemable, this movie has its perks. It is really well made, with set pieces that are meant to look cheap, even though you know they’re not. The Week Of  is a lovely story of family and the woes of grown up kids and old parents. It’s just a shame that the execution was terrible, and ruined all of the hard work put into everything else.

The Week Of genuinely succeeds in being bad. I’m not sure if that was its aim, although with Sandler at the helm, that’s questionable. It’s not often that I want to turn off a movie within 10 minutes of it being on. The sheer boredom that this movie invokes is incredible, and is actually a feat that I admire more than the movie itself. If you have insomnia, this is the cure.

If you’re ever scrolling through Netflix and think, ‘oh, maybe I should watch this movie, looks like the production value was pretty high’: don’t. Don’t make that mistake. You’re better off sitting in silence for two hours, doing nothing and talking to no-one. It would be a lot less boring than if you were to sit through The Week Of.

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