New Podcast: 2016’s Best Films

14859347_1040969846011519_1192281544_o-copyMovie Metropolis Play is back with a brand new podcast. After the success of the two previous videos that looked at the best and worst movies of 2015, myself and Rob decided there was only one option – to do another two!

There’s tears, screaming, swearing and possibly a couple of black eyes, but we can neither confirm nor deny the latter!

The first podcast is now live on the Movie Metropolis YouTube channel.

To save you having to leave the site, (we’re just that nice) here it is below. The second, a look at the worst films of last year, will be going live tomorrow. 2016 was a rollercoaster ride when it came to the film industry and as you’ll see from our five favourite films, it wasn’t one of the better years.

Feel free to leave comments in the box below and subscribe to the YouTube channel to ensure you don’t miss any future uploads by Movie Metropolis. Enjoy!

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