MM Top 5: 2015 Movie Posters


By Adam Brannon

Here, Adam Brannon looks back at the best five movie posters to have been released over the last twelve months. That doesn’t necessarily mean the film was released in 2015, as many posters are released early to start a movie’s marketing push.

What a year we’ve had. I can’t think of a year in my life where I’ve wanted more DVD’s or wanted to see so many films in the cinema. From long-awaited sequels, to veteran directors returning to form, it’s been a monumental twelve months.

#5) Ant-Man


Photo by Disney

The sheer simplicity behind the poster for Marvel’s biggest-ever gamble means it’s worth a place on this list from the off. A plain white background works superbly with the bold red font and the tiny figure in the distance gives away nothing as to the film’s brilliant pacing, story and acting.

#4) In the Heart of the Sea


Photo by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Thor takes on the true story of Moby Dick in Ron Howard’s epic drama. Only released in the UK yesterday, it starts Australian eye-candy Chris Hemsworth and the crew of a vessel targeted by the breath-taking whale. The scope of the creature is captured beautifully in this stunning poster that is good enough to go on any wall.

#3) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


Photo by Lionsgate

Despite being a slightly disappointing send-off and failing to set the box-office alight, Mockingjay: Part 2 was a perfectly adequate winter blockbuster that managed to capture most of the magic from Suzanne Collins’ final novel. The poster however, fares much better than the film itself, with the statue of Donald Sutherland’s deliciously evil President Snow meeting a grisly end.

#2) It Follows


Photo by RADiUS/TWC

This lesser-known supernatural horror deserves much more publicity than it got, especially considering its fantastic performance at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. This poster is absolutely magical. From its traditional homage to horror flicks of old, to the depth of the woman’s eyes in the rear-view mirror; the composition is completely on-point and it well deserves a silver medal on this list.

#1) Jurassic World


Photo by Universal and Mark Englert

Jurassic World may lessen its impact after repeated viewings, but the waiting game played by fans was nightmarish to say the least. Despite many breath-taking posters for the film, nothing comes close to this hand-drawn masterpiece by artist Mark Englert. As one of the first glimpses at Jurassic World, it worked magnificently and fully deserves to take the gold medal for this edition of MM Top 5.

6 thoughts on “MM Top 5: 2015 Movie Posters

  1. Interesting that Star Wars isn’t up there! This year I enjoyed Inside Out (big kid), Spectre and Jurassic Park. Still need to see the Hunger Games x x

    • Hi Emma, thanks for your comment. The Star Wars poster was great, but far too simple to include in this list. It didn’t even have the intriguing set-up that the Ant-Man poster had. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Adam. I’ve viewed you’re pick of movie posters, Good selection.
    In my opinion, Many film posters in today’s cinema, doesn’t attract the public’s Eye like the old classic Block-Busters.

    • I agree, for the most part. I think bigger blockbusters are now starting to realise just how important a good movie poster is. Take Jurassic World’s amazing poster at number 1, it’s truly stunning. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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