Red Sparrow review “Rarely entertaining, frequently repugnant”

Red Sparrow posterDirector Francis Lawrence and Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence (they are no relation, I’ve checked) aren’t a new combination when it comes to film-making.

In fact, Francis Lawrence may have kick-started the world’s love affair with the young actress after he directed her in the best Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire.

They both went on to finish the saga with Mockingjay’s two instalments and the rest as they say, is box office magic.

Here though, they both take on a very different project, aimed at a very different group of movie fans. Red Sparrow is the first hard-hitting thriller of 2018. But is it any different from the plethora of films already out there in the genre? Continue reading

“A+ for effort” Divergent: Allegiant review


By Adam Brannon

I think it’s probably fair to say that the Young Adult genre has become oversaturated due to the phenomenal success of The Hunger Games. Since coming to a slightly underwhelming conclusion last year, many new franchises have its crown firmly in their sights.

The Maze Runner was a muddled first outing with the second, Scorch Trials faring much better and the same can be said for the Divergent series. The first film was at times, an incomprehensible mess, while its follow-up, Insurgent was a thrilling if CGI-heavy and overlong affair.

Allegiant marks the first of two films ending the moderately successful series, with Ascendant being released in June next year. But does this split conclusion harm it as much as it did for Mockingjay? Continue reading

MM Top 5: 2015 Movie Posters


By Adam Brannon

Here, Adam Brannon looks back at the best five movie posters to have been released over the last twelve months. That doesn’t necessarily mean the film was released in 2015, as many posters are released early to start a movie’s marketing push.

What a year we’ve had. I can’t think of a year in my life where I’ve wanted more DVD’s or wanted to see so many films in the cinema. From long-awaited sequels, to veteran directors returning to form, it’s been a monumental twelve months. Continue reading

MM Top 5: 2014 Films

Bringing things to a close for 2014, the MM Top 5 series will focus on the very best films of last year. From animated adventures to dystopian thrillers, which movie will be crowned the pinnacle of 2014’s offerings?

Shall we begin? Continue reading

MM Top 5: 2015 Films

There hasn’t been an MM Top 5 since January this year, so I thought it would be high-time to bring the much beloved series out of retirement for a special Christmas edition. Yes, today we will be looking at the most anticipated films of 2015.

I’ll be guiding you through what to expect, a prediction of their box-office forecasts and any other vital information you may need.

So without further ado, let’s start. Continue reading