Best Film Couples of the 2010s: Top 5

Best Movie CouplesAh, Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite holidays. Crappy chocolate, endless disappointment, and all in a half-hearted attempt to receive a punch on the shoulder at the end of the night. With Valentine’s Day, we always receive a film centered about romance, so I thought I’d take a look at the best film couples of the past decade. I based this list off of some criteria, including sacrifices, spark, dialogue, and just general chemistry. That should explain the absence of Anastasia and Christian of Fifty Shades, Bella and Edward of Twilight, and Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

I also decided to limit this list a bit and not have couples which are hardly even together, so as much as it hurts to say, Simon and Blue from Love, Simon will not be featured on this list, because they were only together for about four minutes. So, let’s talk about the five couples (ordered from good to greatest), so you can convince your significant other to watch these instead of The Kissing Booth again. Without further ado, let’s take a look through the best movie couples.

#5 Baby and Debora – Baby Driver

Remember that couple that you went to high school with? The one that would just stand in the hallway blocking everyone’s path because they would just be hugging and everyone hated them? I’m sure that’s what Baby and Debora would be like in real life, but luckily, we don’t see too much of that in the film, so they managed to make it onto the list.

Baby and Debora scored big on the “chemistry” charts, as Elgort and James are both extremely charismatic and also have that magic spark that is always great to see. While the two do move a little too fast (running away together after what feels like a week), they share such a bond in that time that they make a great couple.

#4 Krista and Darian – The Edge of Seventeen

Probably the only couple on this list which is semi-normal? Baby and Debora are a younger Bonnie and Clyde, and the next three are also certainly pretty odd, but Krista and Darian are the only couple on the list that you can actually tell your girlfriend that you want to be like them and not get into a huge fight. Don’t ask. Anyway, Krista and Darian, still using the High School metaphor, actually I don’t have to.

They’re the couple that is really good together, as evident in the film. We get an entire monologue from Darian where he describes how much he loves her and what his love feels like. The one thing that somewhat hurts their standing in this ranking is that they aren’t really the main focus of the film, so while we do see that they work great together in the scenes we see them in, it’s the fact there aren’t a lot of them which knocks them down a few points.

#3 Elisa and The Asset – The Shape of Water

Definitely the weirdest couple on this list, as I did kinda debate putting them on here. Continuing my high school analogy, these two are most akin to that one kinda weird couple that no one ever hears talk but they are extremely into PDA and they make everyone very uncomfortable.

Elisa, the mute member of the janitorial staff who falls in love with the Black Lagoon Fish God and, yeah, they’re a pretty good couple. In something which can largely be attributed to the performances from Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones as neither characters ever speak, but the work from their body language and just their facial expressions are breathtaking. They certainly rank the highest on sacrifices, as the sacrifices made by both characters throughout the film speak volumes to the strength of the two’s relationship. The one score in which they scored somewhat low is dialogue, but that’s to be expected as neither character ever speaks.

#2 Scott and Knives – Scott Pilgrim vs The World

For this section, I’m going off of the much better relationship in the film, as while Ramona and Scott are good together, you have to acknowledge that throughout the film, their relationship is extremely toxic. However, if you look at the first section of the movie when it’s Scott and Knives, you can tell that they really care about each other. And before I go any further, I should say that the age difference between the two is something stopping them from being the best couple of the decade.

This also makes the high school analogy super easy because Knives is literally the high schooler who dates a burnout. I personally think that the alternate ending where Scott ends up with Knives is much better, as Cera and Wong do have a lot of chemistry. Naturally, the plot of the film is another thing which slightly hurts their standing as Scott Pilgrim does leave Knives, but using the alternate ending, he eventually discovers who he was meant to be with all along, which makes them a pretty solid couple.

#1 Mia and Sebastian – La La Land

The final couple on our list is the best couple of the decade. Going back to the high school analogy one last time, these are the two that were friends for a really long time, with the frequent witty retorts and dry humor. Then they finally get together prompting the friend group to finally settle the bet on how long it’d take for them to admit their feelings for each other.

Do they end up together at the films conclusion? Spoiler alert, no they do not, but I’d be remiss to not mention the couple at the centerpiece of our decade-best picture winning (This was written before the announcement, but I’m just guessing that people know what the right choice is) film La La Land. Gosling and Stone (and subsequently Mia and Sebastian) have such great chemistry that they’ve been each other’s love interest in about seventeen separate movies.

The spark and wit that the two share which could be considered as the “Love Story” connection with the retorts and charm always coming to each other in a very caring way. They always manage to keep each other on their toes, and even though they don’t end up together, the love that they had for each other makes them far and away the best couple of the decade.

As the 2020’s begin, we are left only to wonder what will win that coveted spot. Will it be one of the twenty seven films that features Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as love interests?

Could it be the next Best Picture Winner which features a romance between a woman and a slimy disgusting creature? (Harvey Weinstein biopic?) Who knows, but what I do know, is that I’m sure we’ll get some great couples in the decade to come. I also know that I’m on the market for a date this Valentine’s Day, so if any of the lovely women who read our site are interested in a tall, young, and charming Columbia awarded film journalist with a pension for sarcasm, please comment down below.

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