The 25 day movie challenge

25 day film challengeIf you’ve been following current affairs recently, you’ll be well aware of the turmoil unfolding before our eyes. The coronavirus pandemic is one that has instilled fear into the minds of people across the globe, with over 1.5million cases and 90,000 deaths worldwide.

For us film fans, now more than ever can we rely on the medium to transport us away from the sadness going on outside, and take us to fantasy worlds with some of our favourite characters. With over half of the world’s population is under lockdown (an unprecedented statistic in the modern day in itself), now is the time to dust off those old VHS tapes, DVDs and blu-rays and watch as many films as possible.

With that in mind, Movie Metropolis has created the 25 day lockdown movie challenge that has been designed to take into account different genres, tastes, studios and actors. You can save the template that I have included below or just keep returning to this page each day.

Adam has already been completing the challenge since April 1st, so his choices will be added below and updated each day to give you some recommendations as to what you could watch, and if you have any other recommendations for other readers, simply leave them in the comment box at the bottom of this post! Have fun and stay safe, and if you want to learn more about how COVID-19 is impacting the film industry, read our dedicated article.

25 day lockdown movie challenge

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Adam’s lockdown movie challenge choices

Day 1: Seven Pounds

Day 2: Dumbo

Day 3: Beauty & The Beast

Day 4: Spider-Man

Day 5: Halloween II

Day 6: Spider-Man 2

Day 7: There’s Something About Mary

Day 8: Spider-Man 3

Day 9: 101 Dalmations

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