Exclusive: Interview with Brock Afentul

_20170512_162124-01Foreword by Adam Brannon. It’s a very happy 25th birthday to Jurassic ParkIt’s unbelievable isn’t it? The film that revolutionised the blockbuster and pioneered intelligent CGI is a quarter-of-a-century old. It’s even more astounding to think that the majority of the special effects still hold-up today.

I was watching Jurassic Park for the 60 millionth time the other day and thought to myself; “how can I commemorate this amazing milestone?” Of course, I could’ve written numerous different articles, but then I stumbled upon Brock, who is the best type of JP fan going.

You see, Brock has created an incredibly detailed, fully-working replica of the Ford Explorer that featured so prominently in the 1993 classic. Thankfully, before the T-rex had her way with it. In this interview, I ask him what it was like painstakingly replicating this incredibly iconic movie car and what his plans for the future are. Read on to find out more. Before we begin: have you checked out Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Be sure to check out the spoiler-free review.

What inspired the Ford Explorer project?

Jurassic park was my favorite movie as a kid (and probably today too) and I always loved the Explorer and the breakout scene. I saw other people online doing replicas that were just okay at best and thought I could probably do a begged job if I tried so I started one in about 2013.

Where did you source the car from?

I got the naked explorer from a dealership in Dallas.

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer

How many hours would you say you’ve spent on it?

I honestly have absolutely no idea but to say it was a part time job for years is an understatement. It’s been a lot.

How accurate is it to the Explorers in Jurassic Park?

Right now, probably 85% or so. When it’s done it’ll be closer to 95 but it’s impossible to get it completely 100% accurate. There are also a lot of differences between each car and scene in the film so it’s hard to say… For instance, if it was truly accurate to the hero prop it would need a steering wheel in the trunk because that’s where it was driven for the “self driving” scenes. So our cars are kind of a compilation of the hero and stunt vehicles.

Jeff Goldblum with Ford Explorer

With Jeff Goldblum

Have you met any of the film’s stars because of it?

So far, just Jeff Goldblum. He also signed it.

Have you been involved in any exciting events?

Not yet. It only just not got to a point where I was comfortable presenting it so I haven’t had it in any events so far. But it is available for that.

What would you like to focus on next?

I’d like to do a jeep next but that’s far easier than the Explorer.

Ford Explorers from Jurassic ParkWhat has the reaction been like from the public?

Mainly just the assortment of strange comments I get from people while driving it. Some people are convinced I work at a real park with dinosaurs locally and when I tell them I don’t and that dinosaurs are extinct they don’t believe me. The world is weird.

What did you think to Jurassic World?

I thought it was a fairly passable homage to the original film. It’s nowhere near the greatest movie ever or the first film but I got a fair amount of entertainment from it.

One we ask everyone: what’s your favourite movie?

The first film (Jurassic Park) by far. I honestly just don’t really care for any of the others.

And another: what’s your fave cinema snack/drink?

Large coke with easy ice. Just enough to make me have to pee right at the climax of the movie 😬

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer interior


What does the future hold for the Ford?

I’m not really sure. I just want to drive it around and enjoy it. Thankfully it’s pretty spacious so it’s a decently practical car to take into town or on a road trip so I’ve done a lot of that with it. I’d like to take it to all 50 states, including Hawaii, at some point but that could be wishful thinking.

I’d like to thank Brock for taking the time to answer these questions and a big thank you to @cyrix9445 on Instagram. He was involved in sculpting many parts of the build. For more information on the Ford Explorer, be sure to head on over to their Facebook page. 

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