I Am Not An Easy Man review “A loud movie with more to say”

I Am Not An Easy Man posterThe social divide between man and women has been around since time began. Even though it would make a lot more sense if we were all completely equal, it bears considering what would happen if the tables were well and truly turned. Netflix’s new movie, I Am Not An Easy Man, is a satirical take on the world as we know it: what would it be like if women had all the power?

I Am Not An Easy Man follows Damien (Vincent Elbaz), a true chauvinist who enjoys casual sex and not much else. However, after getting a head injury, Damien realises the world is not as it seems: the women have taken on his role, sleeping around and, basically, running the world.

As far as satires go, this is a brilliant premise. It really turns the idea of feminism on its head, with men being mocked for telling women that they just want to be treated the same. Unlike science-fiction, special effects didn’t need to be used to create a completely different world. All that needed to be done was to make men wear skirts.

The character of Damien is beautifully articulated by Elbaz, who brings versatility and a three-dimensional personality to a flat-on-paper character. His character development throughout the movie really demonstrates that people can and will change their ways after they have experienced what you have experienced.

I Am Not An Easy Man review

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The character of Alexandra (Marie-Sophie Ferdane) plays the masculine role flawlessly. Obviously drawing from the representation of the sexy, mysterious man seen in most romantic comedies, Ferdane takes Alexandra to a whole new level. Her take as the rom-com lead is hilarious but is also eerily accurate for such a chauvinistic character.

The satirical aspect of the movie itself is executed almost perfectly. The movie demonstrates the experiences of almost every woman: being ostracised for your religious clothing, being ogled at on the street, feeling generally powerless in situations that would be absolutely fine if you were the opposite sex. This is demonstrated throughout the movie, some scenes even giving Damien a taste of his own medicine.

Obviously, there are some things wrong with this movie. Although the actual premise is brilliant, the ending was strangely abrupt. For such a loud movie, it left me with the impression it still had something to say. At times, the plot was slightly over the top, but the need to demonstrate the injustice justified the dramatics. However, despite the lack of experience Netflix has with foreign-language films, this one really isn’t bad at all.

I Am Not An Easy Man is a thought-provoking film with an eye-opening satirical edge. The questions it raises with the audience not only add to the enjoyment of the movie but also to educate, to help other people understand the injustice that still occurs in this world. Whilst watching this movie, it made me realise that the best way to help someone else understand your struggle, is to put them in your shoes. That is what this movie aims for and succeeds in doing. As the film says itself: “You can’t realise if you haven’t been there.”

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  1. Hello, I just watch this movie like 5 minute ago . The ending was so sudden that it felt me mind-blank. Hope there is Ann explanations of to that all.

    I agree, this film should deserve more credits. Walk a mile in their shoe and you’ll understand.

    I liked the way you review. Keep it up!

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