2016’s Worst: Podcast now live!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the first Movie Metropolis podcast of 2017. Rob and I had great fun making it, despite the arguments that arose from recording in such a confined space.

The second, a look back at 2016’s worst films is now live on YouTube, or simply watch it below. There are a few raised voices in this one. Enjoy!

One thought on “2016’s Worst: Podcast now live!

  1. Hi Adam, Baldwin Collins here. enjoyed the Podcast About the Worst Movies of 2016. the Bryan singer ”X-MEN APOCALYPES” film i found entertaining the Quick silver scene i found a Bit Silly and Wolverine’s Scene Never fitted into the film in my Opinion. But Still Found the film entertaining. ”SUICIDE SQUAD” was also entertaining But the plot never Bought me. the Joker’s screen time was too short. ”THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN” remake was Good But it shouldn’t have been related to the Original (1966) Classic.

    The ”INDEPENDENCE DAY” Sequel was a Disappointment to me, The ”JASON BOURNE” film also was a Disappointment. the Action Scenes’ Confusing the Storyline. Anyhow the Other films you reviewed on you’re podcast i haven’t seen as yet.

    that’s enough from me Adam Brannon Keep up the Good work at Movie Metropolis.

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