2016’s Worst: Podcast now live!

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the first Movie Metropolis podcast of 2017. Rob and I had great fun making it, despite the arguments that arose from recording in such a confined space.

The second, a look back at 2016’s worst films is now live on YouTube, or simply watch it below. There are a few raised voices in this one. Enjoy!

“Metallica in the office” The Big Short review


By Rob Stoakes

About ten years ago there was an experiment carried out to see how well one could reasonably bet on the stock market. Over a period of months, the subjects would invest in the stock market, and the test would track who made the most. Among the test subjects were a man who taught economics, a highly respected investments consultant, a banker, and a four year old girl who picked her investments out of a hat. The girl won by millions upon millions of dollars, of course.

This is how mind-bendingly stupid the world of banking is. Words like sub-prime, securitisation and quantitative easing float through the ether like they actually mean anything even though it’s clearly the ramblings of a coked up lunatic. In these circumstances, how could one NOT make their story about the financial crash of 2008 not so tongue in cheek that the cheek looks inflated? Continue reading

The most anticipated films of 2016


By Adam Brannon

As we say goodbye to 2015, it’s easy to see why film aficionados are calling it one of the greatest years in living memory for high quality blockbusters. From Jurassic World to Minions and from Mad Max: Fury Road to Star Wars: the Force Awakens, we really have seen it all.

It would be easy to write off 2016, however, there are some cracking films that lay ahead for us in the next twelve months. Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated of next year. Continue reading