The Movie Metropolis Alternative Oscars

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For a long time I’ve suggested that the Academy Awards are a little out of touch with what movie-going audiences love to watch. Yes, they reward technical brilliance, The Revenant has certainly proven that for this year, but they forget to realise that blockbuster cinema is an ever-present source of entertainment for the masses.

With that in mind, I’m hosting the first Movie Metropolis Alternative Oscars. Using the majority of the categories from the glamorous event, but with films we’ve probably all seen in the last year.

So, please vote in each category, select your favourite and the winners will be revealed on February 28th, Oscars night.

Best Picture

These films have been chosen out of the highest-rated films on Movie Metropolis in 2015.

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Director

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Animated Feature

Best Visual Effects

Best Score

So, there’s the categories – please vote in each one and we’ll see who you voted as your favourites in just over a month. As always, if there’s a film missing from the above polls, leave a comment in the box below. I reply to them all.

2 thoughts on “The Movie Metropolis Alternative Oscars

  1. Some great choices, I would also have had American Sniper as Best Film and the main actress in The Danish Girl as well for Best Actress.

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