Ticket Book of Dreams

Over the last few months, I would come home from work and wonder what I could do with my time, something productive, something that I could look at after it’s completed and say to myself ‘I made that.’

VUE Cinema Tickets

VUE Cinema Tickets

In the end, I decided to make a scrapbook including all my cinema tickets from the last few years, instead of keeping them in an envelope, hidden away in a box like they have been for what feels like since the dawn of time.

VUE Cinema Tickets

VUE Cinema Tickets

I have to say, it was a very interesting experience, I’m not a very arty person and whilst this can hardly be considered art, it is in a way, a creative project; though I’m sure many of you reading this would be able to do a better job than myself. It took me a while to find the perfect scrapbook, something that wasn’t too big so that it would still be empty when I croak it, and definitely something that wasn’t too small, so that it would fill up too quickly with all my cinema conquests.

Odeon Cinema Tickets

Odeon Cinema Tickets

In the end, I chose a plain black wire-bound scrapbook and for those of you in the UK, it can be found at Ryman stores across the country, the link to the exact product is found at the bottom of this post. Normally, I wouldn’t go for black, but it shows up the tickets so well that it was the only choice for aesthetic and practicality reasons.

Odeon Cinema Tickets

Odeon Cinema Tickets

The pictures in this article show just how good it looks and how with a simple good quality glue-stick and the right scrapbook, it can make something that looks really good. Of course, cinemas across the country use different tickets and my personal favourites are the Odeon ‘orange tickets’ which make up the majority of the book.

Other cinema chains featured in the book include VUE and a couple of Cineworld tickets.

Odeon, VUE, New Odeon

Odeon, VUE, New Odeon

So, in the end, it was a really exciting experience. From finding tickets that dated back as far as 2007, to remembering films I had completely forgotten I had seen, including a couple of stinkers, each page reveals something new. I would definitely say to anyone reading this, that if you’re bored and fancy something to do after work or on a rainy day, a scrapbook will make a fine companion.

Ryman Wire-bound Scrapbook: Click Here

Have you ever made a ‘Ticket Book of Dreams?’ Leave a comment in the box below and let me know.

2 thoughts on “Ticket Book of Dreams

  1. I do this with my ticket stubs (since 1997)! It’s definitely an interesting experience to be able to visually flip through your movie history. My only complaint is that the theaters in my area don’t have as colorful ticket stubs as they used to. I use the sticky photo album pages for mine, so that they can be removed later if they need to be.


    • Thanks for your comment! Wow, since 1997, I can’t remember a film I went to see that year I don’t think, how exciting it must be for you to look back through those tickets!

      The classic Odeon ‘orange’ tickets have now been replaced by plain white ones in my area which is unfortunate; as I’m sure you can see from the pictures the orange looked really good.

      Sticky pages is a really good idea, I just hope I don’t need to remove my stubs!

      Thanks for commenting!


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