Kingsman Moments: Top 5

Kingsman: the Secret Service collageThe long-awaited sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service was released on Wednesday to a rather lukewarm critical reception. The Golden Circle is currently receiving mixed to average reviews from many critics, but you can read what I thought of it here.

Staying on the topic of Kingsman, I’ve decided to count down the top 5 moments from the first film. Why? To get you pumped to see The Golden Circle of course!

5) Eggsy vs Gazelle

This scene comes before the climax of The Secret Service as our hero Eggsy infiltrates the lair of the villainous Richmond Valentine. However, before our intrepid spy can stop the megalomaniac’s devious plan, he must come face-to-face with Gazelle.

Sofia Boutella was a disappointingly underused presence in the film, but she comes in to her own here and goes toe-to-toe with Taron Egerton for a brilliant climactic showdown.

4) There She Blows

As Samuel L Jackson desperately tries to put his plan in motion, we’re treated to an impressive display of its power – choreographed to some great music.

Anything is better with Samuel L Jackson in it right? Exploding heads, bright colours, great music. It’s a smorgasbord of R-rated delights.

3) Opening Sequence

Not only does this have a great cameo from Mark Hamill, but we also get introduced to Samuel L Jackson’s incredible Richmond Valentine. He’s scared of blood don’t you know?

So many films of a similar type would rely on slapstick gags during this sequence but Kingsman is much smarter than that. It’s a classy movie and very witty, which this first scene sets up beautifully.

2) Bar Fight

Perfectly filmed is the only way to describe this scene and it was such a surprise for fans of Colin Firth to see him doing such an action-heavy movie.

As Eggsy watches on in disbelief, Firth shows off his incredible moves to take on a group of youths and don’t deny that you want one of those umbrellas. They’re just too cool, aren’t they?

1) Church Massacre

The best scene from the entire film and one that many hope will be replicated some way in the sequel, the Kentucky church massacre is frankly, stunning.

Filmed in a way that makes the whole scene feel incredibly realistic yet utterly hilarious, we once again get to see Firth’s stellar moves as he is controlled by Richmond Valentine’s sadistic sim-card plot.

Are you looking forward to watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Let us know your favourite scenes from Kingsman senior in the box below.

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