Jurassic World: 80 Days to Go

Jurassic World is just around the corner and after a reasonably quiet few months, trailers, pictures and rumours are all firing up once again as June 12 approaches. But what can we expect?

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, BD Wong, Irrfan Khan and Nick Robinson are all set to star in Colin Trevorrow’s long-awaited third sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster.

Set on Isla Nublar from the original film, the movie follows a fully operational theme park, now run by the Masrani Global Corporation after they bought out InGen following the fiasco of their previous management.

downloadHilton, Pandora, Starbucks and Samsung all have products used in the film with the hotel chain using its brand to create a luxury resort on the island.

Jurassic World will pay homage to its predecessors in numerous ways, be that in the Hammond Creation Lab where the embryos are created to the Winston Steakhouse, a tribute to the late Stan Winston who was the special effects guru behind the previous three film’s amazing animatronic dinosaurs.

This film will see the biggest marketing push ever seen in the series. Numerous official websites for the theme park itself and Masrani Global have been set up so that audiences really buy in to the fact that this is a living, breathing attraction – rather than just one in a film.

There is also a LEGO game, expected to release at around the same time as the film, which will include all four films on both islands. The game, which will be available to purchase on all of the big consoles, is expected to feature all of the series’ characters and over 100 playable dinosaurs.

Perhaps the biggest departure from what came before it is the inclusion of the Indominus Rex, the theme park’s newest attraction – created in an effort to increase visitor attendance after a few years of decline.

This dinosaur, the first of what is presumed to be many hybrids in the park, is the main antagonist in the film after it gets loose and causes chaos on the island that also has 20,000 tourists wandering around.

Colin Trevorrow has also included a giant Mosasaur, an aquatic reptile prominently featured in the trailer in an almost Sea-Worldesque enclosure, though how much it will feature in the finished film is still under wraps.

A sticking point for many fans is the trained Velociraptor sequence shown in both the first official trailer and the Superbowl clip. Colin has stated numerous times that the raptors will not be ‘trained’ by Chris Pratt, though he does have a complicated relationship with them.

The names of the four raptors featured in the film are Blue, Echo, Charlie and Delta.

A highlight for many fans of the series is the use of the original T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Though she hasn’t featured on any of the promotional clips, the old girl does have a placing on the film’s official website.

So, Jurassic World is shaping up to be everything fans want from a long-awaited sequel to the franchise, and despite some mixed reaction to the first trailer, the second clip seems to have alleviated many worries.

A new trailer is expected to coincide with the release of Fast and the Furious 7 on April 3rd.

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