Hubie Halloween review “Sandler is back, but does he hit the funny bone?”

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Adam Sandler is back… and the result is not as bad as I thought it would be! Sandler’s new film, Hubie Halloween launched this week on Netflix and I took the time to give it a watch.

Hubie Halloween follows town idiot and self-proclaimed security guard, Hubie (played by Sandler) as he celebrates Halloween, and helps solve a mystery when people start going missing…

I’m gonna throw this out there, this film isn’t awful. There were a few times where I did have a bit of a chuckle, and honestly I thought most of the concept was unique, but as I expected, it falls short a few times. For example there were a few characters that are wasted and used only for exposure, for example Kenan Thompson of SNL and Rob Schneider.

 I also think that the writing was a tad messy. For example the audience spend the majority of the film thinking that the reason for the disappearances is one thing, and then its another thing then another and honestly it wears a bit thin. There is also a part where a group of characters (including some more major ones) believe Hubie is behind everything, and the next scene together it’s like nothing ever happened.

Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween
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One gag that really made me laugh was the introduction of Shaquille O’Neil. The whole movie we are led to believe that the voice of the radio we hear the voice over for is a woman, however it is revealed that it is Shaquille doing his ‘radio voice’. He then proceeds to Lady and the tramp a BLT with his gruff sounding girlfriend. 

For me the supporting cast is impressive, with actors like Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things, Steve Buscemi (who I also feel was wasted) and Modern Family’s Julie Bowen once again as Sandler’s love interest, I feel that this film should’ve been more than it was. 

Whilst watching this film, I did notice that I wasn’t as impressed with Noah Schnapp as I normally am, and then I had a thought. In an interview, Adam Sandler said that there was a role written for the late Cameron Boyce and he was already cast. My theory is, Schnapl was cast as a replacement and felt a bit overwhelmed…

Overall, it is possible to have some fun with this film. Personally I wouldn’t rewatch it, but Sandler and Co have done an okay job with this unique seasonal comedy.

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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