Do you know your raptors from your t-rex? The dinosaurs of Jurassic Park

There’s no doubt you will have seen the massive influence Jurassic World has had at the box office over the last week. If you haven’t heard, the film has become the first-ever movie to have hit $500m in its opening weekend and some analysts are predicting it could topple Avatar as the highest-grossing film of all time – though this seems unlikely.

The good fellows down at twentysixdigital have created this fascinating artwork showcasing some of the franchises most-loved dinosaurs and intriguing facts about each of them. Check out a scaled down version right here at Movie Metropolis.

dino_wars_TREXTyrannosaurus Rex:

Good old rexy has been in all of the Jurassic films, though her scaled back performance in Jurassic Park III was met with disdain from critics and fans alike.

The gargantuan dinosaur has taken its fair share of kills over the course of the last two decades and it remains to be seen whether the species will add more to the roster in Colin Trevorrow’s sequel Jurassic World.

Safe to say though, alongside the Velociraptors, rexy is one of the franchises most-loved creations.



The fearsome Dilophosaurus was one of Jurassic Park’s most intriguing dinosaurs.

Despite only featuring in the original film, it managed to garner as much of a reputation as some of the more publicised creatures and remains a firm favourite to this day.

Taking on Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry, the Dilophosaurus is on first impressions a harmless, cute little creature.

First impressions can be deceiving however, as Nedry found out to his peril.

It’s death count remains at one, but who knows if it’ll feature in Jurassic World. Well I know, but no spoilers here.


dino_wars_brachWidely regarded as the cow of the dinosaur kingdom, the gentle Brachiosaurus is one of the series’ finest attractions. From its breathtaking size, to its incredible neck, it is as much of an icon for the series as the T-Rex is, despite the latter featuring more prominently on the franchise’s logo.

Don’t tackle one with a cold though – as Lex Murphy found out to her disgust in the original Jurassic Park, they can be just as grumpy as us humans.

The “long-neck” species continues to feature in the films, but they are changed to Apatasaurs in Jurassic Park III and Jurassic World.

Why? Who knows. It seems a shame to alter the first full dinosaur the series ever showed audiences across the world.


Probably the most controversial dinosaur on this list. The Spinosaurus has only featured in Jurassic Park III and was responsible for making Jurassic fans cry into their pillows after viewing.

Managing to dethrone the infamous T-Rex by snapping its neck in the first half of the film was a step too far for the majority of die-hards and it remains a displeasing topic of conversation for many audiences.

The only reference to it in this year’s Jurassic World is a simple skeleton statue placed on ‘Main Street’ at the resort.

On its own, Spinosaurus was a vicious predator, bigger and badder than the stumpy T-Rex in nearly every way, but casting the series’ icon in not only the film, but in THAT logo was a huge oversight on the part of the production team.

It’s a shame as this dino is a complete badass and deserves to be up there with the Raptors as Jurassic Park’s darkest species.


dino_wars_raptorIf it weren’t for the Tyrannosaurus, the raptor would most definitely be the most popular dinosaur in the entire Jurassic series.

Having a kill count far beyond any other dinosaur in the series, they are a force to be reckoned with. Who can forget that six-inch retractable killing claw, one of the most fearsome weapons in the prehistoric animal kingdom.

Each film in the series has given the six-foot turkey a new personality with them getting increasingly more intelligent. This culminated in an almost pantomime feel in Jurassic Park III, which did not go down well with fans of the franchise.

The good news is they’re back on top form in Jurassic World, despite many fans being irritated by their apparent ‘training’ by Chris Pratt in the heavily shown trailers.

A special thanks must go to twentysixdigital who provided me with these amazing artworks. If you fancy having a look at the full-scale project, then just click here.

Which dinosaur from the Jurassic series do you like best? Which is the most adorable, and which is the scariest? Leave a comment in the box below, I reply to them all.

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