Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Review

The months of waiting are finally over as Marvel Studios release their biggest ever film; Avengers Assemble. Those of you familiar with Marvel offerings will know they’re full of action, complimented by a usually sublime mix of humour and a solid cast of Hollywood greats, but does Avengers Assemble tick all of those boxes?

Director Joss Whedon is a newcomer to the superhero cinematic world and manages to create a fine film which ticks most of the boxes for an action packed egotistic epic.

The Avengers, for those not following the shameful plugging for this film in previous Marvel offerings follows a group of superheroes clubbing together to save the world. We have box office favourite; Iron Man, played superbly by Robert Downey Jr., female favourite Thor, played by the bulging bicep that is Chris Hemsworth, lesser known Captain America played by a beefed up Chris Evans and the menacing Hulk, played by newcomer Mark Ruffalo who replaces Edward Norton.

Alongside these egos is Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye and Scarlett Johansson playing the infamous black widow. Not forgetting Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury and the wonderful Tom Hiddlestone returning as villain Loki from Thor. Gwyneth Paltrow and Stellan Skarsgard also return as Pepper Potts and Erik Selvig respectively, though they are criminally underused.

The Avengers takes place after all the previous Marvel films have been released and centres on the aforementioned group of heroes fighting a war raging against the Earth, caused by none other than Thor’s brother Loki. He feels betrayed after being left to die and wants people to see him as a king once again. Of course, he can’t take on the entire world alone, so he recruits an army to help him.

Filming was always going to be an arduous process as all the cast members fight for enough screen time and in the end, it is Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man who receives the most attention. This was to be expected however, as the Iron Man franchise has taken the most dosh at the global box office. Naturally, the running time is exhausting at just under two and a half hours but apart from a few lapses in pace, the film keeps chugging along towards its exciting, albeit slightly underwhelming finale.

Fans of the heroes will not be disappointed; constant references to their back stories emerge as they introduce themselves and get acquainted. Mark Ruffalo does an excellent job as the Hulk and is a pleasing change considering the disappointing critical reception Hulk films have received in the past.

The only weak link here is Scarlett Johansson, her black widow feels laborious and she is by far the least interesting of the characters on screen, partly due to the flat characterisation she has given to her on screen persona. Apart from this, the dialogue proves funny and at times endearing, a huge success.

Audiences not familiar with the other Marvel films which have all spun the web that has created Avengers will be completely lost as to what is going on. Who is Loki? Why is he doing this? These points are only explained briefly and to an extent, not clear enough.

The special effects are wonderful, from the towering Stark Tower, to the Hulk himself, everything is beautifully realised and matches the Transformers series for sheer awe. Speaking of the Transformers series, this film has more than a hint of the Dark of the Moon in its story. Michael Bay may want some credit for the ideas put forward in this film. Giant mechanical creatures toppling and destroying skyscrapers in one city? A portal allowing extra-terrestrials to enter Earth? The comparisons are numerous, but thankfully the plot steers itself away enough to avoid too much annoyance.

Overall, Avengers Assemble is everything audiences had hoped. Whilst it may be slightly too long, it needed this to ensure each of its strong characters received enough screen time. A few lapses in pace and some lazy plotting with ideas perhaps borrowed from other; similar films stops it from being perfect, but when a film comes so damn close, does it really matter?


Scoring /10





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Overall: Only some lazy plot ideas stops Avengers Assemble from being perfect.

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