Exclusive: Interview with The Lost World’s Vanessa Chester

image1Foreword by Adam Brannon. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is currently filming in numerous locations across the UK and this week marks the 20th anniversary since the franchise’s second film; The Lost World was released across the globe. 

The film was warmly received and grossed over $600million at the global box office. The film’s success spawned Jurassic Park III in 2001 and of course Jurassic World in 2015.

To celebrate the film’s 20th birthday, I had an exclusive chat with Vanessa Chester, who starred alongside Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn as Kelly, the confident daughter of Dr. Ian Malcolm who will see returning to the series in Jurassic World 2 next summer. Continue reading

Exclusive: A chat with Ben Stonehouse, founder of Moonlight Drive-In Cinema

14859347_1040969846011519_1192281544_o-copyForeword by Adam Brannon: Drive-In cinema is something synonymous with American culture, but Ben Stonehouse had a vision to bring that traditional US pastime to the Blighty. I had a fascinating chat with him about the Moonlight Drive-In Cinema brand and how it came to be, which you can read in the following article.

I also enjoyed the Moonlight Drive-In Cinema experience first-hand when Movie Metropolis was offered tickets to watch Jurassic World in the UK’s City of Culture for 2017, Hull. You can read about my experience and the experiences of those I took with me early next week.

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The “Hullywood” Project: An exclusive interview with photographer Quentin Budworth

14859347_1040969846011519_1192281544_o-copyForeword by Adam Brannon. My hometown of Hull was announced as UK City of Culture for 2017. Those of you unfamiliar with the city won’t know its transformation over the last decade.

After being bombed terribly in World War II, Hull suffered a period of serious decline from which it has only just started to recover, and it still to this day remains the butt of many jokes to the dismay of residents and fans. It’s going to take many years for Hull to be recognised as one of the UK’s greatest destinations, but with the help of artists like Quentin Budworth, the news will travel fast.

To celebrate this incredible waterfront city, photographer Quentin decided to put together two of his passions; film and Kingston Upon Hull. Utilising the unique geography and landmarks of the area, he has recreated iconic films in the locality. From Star Wars to Castaway, it’s all here.

In this exclusive interview for Movie Metropolis, he discusses his reasons for embarking on The Hullywood Project, and how you can get involved in its future.

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Exclusive: A chat with Jurassic World’s raptor handler, Colby Boothman

Colby3With Jurassic World continuing to take the global box-office by storm and being a stones throw away from grossing $1bn in worldwide ticket sales, it proves that dinosaurs are still hot property for audiences.

Adam Brannon had a chat with Colby Boothman, Jurassic World’s newest and youngest recruit Leon, who plays one of the film’s raptor handlers. He had some interesting stories to share about his time on the set, have a read below for the full, exclusive interview. And be sure to check out our other interviews for more great content. Continue reading