“Not as boring as the game” Warcraft review


By Rob Stoakes

Of all of the video game movie adaptations, Warcraft is one of the more sensical ones.

It’s hard to play World of Warcraft for the stellar gameplay. Mostly it’s “click the thing” and “agonise for hours over whether you want +3 ugly green sword or the +1 ugly blue sword with +5 vs goblins.” And for a multiplayer game, the fans are some of the most anti-social people in the world. The basement dweller stereotype is cruel, disrespectful and often times entirely correct. Continue reading

MM Top 5: Video games that should have their own movies


Written by Rob Stoakes

So, seeing as there’s been absolutely no major film release this week, let’s talk about that Warcraft trailer that came out recently.

Aficionados of video games might notice something a little odd about this trailer. Mostly, it looks like an actual video game for once. This is, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic, because the main reason video game movies are so terrible is that a lot of video games take their plots from other movies. I already know the planned Uncharted movie is going to be terrible because Uncharted is basically a cheap Indiana Jones, just like how the Hitman films were both terrible Jason Bourne knockoffs. Continue reading