A farewell to 2012

So, 2012 is coming to an end and I retract my statement about it being an average year for film releases. Looking back it’s been one of the better years since the Millenium with some instant classics like The Artist and some absolutely corking blockbusters.

We’ve only got a couple of weeks to bask in 2012 glory and what better way to do so than seeing some of the fantastic films on offer to you over December. Life of Pi and The Hobbit are the two that sitck out in my mind as movies to definitely put on your cinema list and we’ll have the latest in-depth reviews here at Movie Metropolis very soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas!

Snow White & The Huntsman: Review

Snow White has certainly been receiving a lot of attention this year and it’s been hard to ignore two films competing with each other to win the accolade of best cinema adaptation.

Julia Roberts has already starred in sickly sweet adaptation Mirror Mirror and here Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame takes on the lead role in the gritty, dramatic adaptation of the fairytale. But is it a good take on a children’s classic? Continue reading

1,000 views and counting!

Thanks to everyone who has made this blog the success it has become. I’m pleased to announce that yesterday evening at 10:05pm, our 1,000th visitor came onto the site. Unfortunately, I can’t find out who this was, but if you think you’re that person, give yourself a big thank you from me.

Please, keep enjoying the site and if you have any ideas of how to improve Movie Metropolis, let me know.

We’ll also be bringing a new look to the blog soon, so keep an eye open for that!