“Sucks harder than a hoover made of limpets” The Sarkeesian Effect review


Director: Davis M.J. Aurini

Music: Jorden Owen

Starring: Davis M.J. Aurini, Jorden Owen

Written by Rob Stoakes

Written by Rob Stoakes

The Gamergate controversy last year was long, boring and incredibly stupid. It is the only thing in all of human history where to know more about it will make you less intelligent. Neither side was particularly worthy of support, with feminists making hyperbolic generalisations of all video game players being misogynists, and video game players doing their absolute utmost to prove them correct.

People were driven from their homes by death threats, some lost and got whole new jobs just from moaning, the seas boiled as the skies ripped open to hear the voice of God himself say “lol get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich whore, hashtag notmyshield.” Continue reading