“Crippled by shaky cam” Star Trek Beyond review


By Rob Stoakes

So, first thing’s first, what is it with the Star Trek reboots and their subtitles?

Star Trek: Beyond! Umm… beyond what? I’ve just seen the film and I can’t tell you what exactly they’re going beyond. Beyond good and evil, beyond the horizon, beyond the solar system, what? Into Darkness had the same problem; never once was it actually dark in that film. The originals never had this problem; Wrath of Khan did indeed have an angry man named Khan, and Search for Spock was about looking for Spock. But Beyond could be about anything. Continue reading

“5+5=7” Absolutely Anything review


Director: Terry Jones  

Music: George Fenton

Starring: Simon Pegg, Robin Williams, Eric Idle


Copyright: Lionsgate UK

Copyright: Lionsgate UK

Let’s say Gordon Ramsey went fishing, and got a huge salmon. With that salmon, he cooks a fish pie, but he wants it to be really good. He tirelessly works on it, getting the perfect pastry and the perfect vegatables to go with this perfect salmon. After slaving away, he serves it to you, and it looks delicious. You take a sniff, indulging in the beautiful smell, and take a bite. However, when your lips meet the food you find that this fish pie, through acts of freakish chance, tastes identical to a Cornish pasty from Greggs. Continue reading

“Relentless and action packed” Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation review


Director: Christopher McQuarrie  

Music: Joe Kraemer

Voices: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg


Ethan Hunt returns

Ethan Hunt returns

The Mission: Impossible franchise has had something of a resurgence over the course of its five films. The first film in the series was praised for its thrilling action and commanding turn from Tom Cruise.

The following two films failed to recapture what made the original such a hit, despite being popular at the box-office. 2011’s Ghost Protocol ensured the franchise still had a pulse and four years later Cruise returns in Rogue Nation. But does it continue the upward trend? Continue reading