Bird Box review “Unbelievably tense”

Birdbox posterThe end of the world has been presented in many different ways. Huge natural disasters, aliens, even humans themselves, have been responsible for the apocalypse. However, Netflix’s newest release, Bird Box, won’t let you see what is causing the end of the world – because it makes you die.

Bird Box follows Malorie (Sandra Bullock), a pregnant woman who is desperately trying to survive a world where people keep randomly committing suicide after seeing an unknown entity. Continue reading

Ocean’s 8 review “Light and breezy but utterly forgettable”

Ocean's 8 posterIt’s a peculiar state of affairs, the film industry that is. While reboots, remakes, prequels and sequels seem to be garnering much disdain from the movie-going audience of late, studios still push ahead with them regardless.

I mean, look at poor Disney and the performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story if you need any indication of a tiring audience. Female-led reboots are all the rage now too with Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters being met with a dreadful run at the box office despite decent critical responses. Next up, we’ve got Ocean’s 8, a sequel no-one was really asking for but got anyway. Is it worth a watch? Continue reading

“Bright, smart and hilarious” Minions review


Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda  

Music: Heitor Pereira

Voices: Sandra Bullock, Geoffrey Rush


They’re everywhere! Minions have become a worldwide phenomenon since their unveiling in 2010’s smash-hit Despicable Me and for their return in its sequel.

It was only a matter of time before Universal gave their most successful animated franchise a prequel, and allowing it to focus on the cute yellow creatures was a masterstroke by the people behind the scenes. No matter where you go there is something minion related to buy.

But the question is, does a film based on them truly work? After all, it’s their evil master Gru who is the main focus of the previous features. Continue reading