Stan Lee Tribute: The People’s Hero

Stan Lee tributeWhen you think about your childhood, what do you remember? Going to school? Doing your homework? Doing your chores? Or, instead, do you remember having fun? Fun that seemed like it would never end; fun that was part of who you were and who you are now. That fun, that fundamental part of your being, was due partly to Mr Stan Lee.

A legend in his own right, Marvel comics creator, Stan Lee was born in 1922 in Manhattan, New York. In 1939, he started a pencil pusher job at Timely Comics – two years later, his name was penned under a Captain America comic entitled “The Traitor’s Revenge!”. Continue reading

Life? Don’t talk to me about life…


By Dijana Druskic

Dijana Druskic, content writer for  reflects on the unexpected and tragic passing of Alan Rickman, earlier this month.

This year’s been rather rough for true music and film lovers out there. First, the world lost a part of its glamour and positive weirdness with the passing of David Bowie. Then the news struck again, just a few days later – Alan Rickman died age 69, same as David Bowie. Continue reading

“A true British icon” Alan Rickman tribute


By Adam Brannon

The word legend is applied to all sorts of people nowadays. From footballers to socialites and from singers to songwriters, it seems you don’t really need to do all that much for that status to fall firmly at your feet.


News broke earlier in the week that British actor Alan Rickman sadly passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 69.

Here, Adam Brannon takes a look at the life of Rickman, and what made him such a joy to watch on screen. Continue reading

Christopher Lee: A tribute

After the tragic death of acting great Christopher Lee last week, Rob Stoakes pays a personal tribute to the legend.

As of time of writing, the death of Christopher Lee at age 93 has been announced earlier today. His last film, Angels in Notting Hill, is set to be released later this year. Continue reading