Angel Has Fallen review “At least it’s better than the last one”

Angel Has Fallen posterIt’s always surprising when a truly awful film performs well at the box-office, but that’s exactly what happened with 2017’s London Has FallenDespite overwhelmingly poor reviews, the sequel to 2013’s marginally better Olympus Has Fallen made over four times its production budget in ticket sales.

Naturally, a sequel in the now originally named ‘Fallen’ film series was greenlit soon after with the majority of the cast returning for the third instalment. But is the finished product, Angel Has Fallen as bad as its predecessor? Or is this the turning point? Continue reading

“A disgusting attempt at film-making” London Has Fallen review


By Adam Brannon

Executives down at Millennium Films must have been rubbing their hands together after the surprise success of their 2013 blockbuster, Olympus Has Fallen. After amassing a respectable $160million against a relatively small budget, a sequel was greenlit as soon as it rolled out of cinemas.

Fast-forward three years and its successor, London Has Fallen, starts off a busy Spring for the film industry. With much of the original cast reprising their roles, can lightning strike again? Or is this a shameless cash in? Continue reading

“The bear is back!” Ted 2 review

TED 2   (UK CERT: 15)

Director: Seth McFarlane  

Music: Walter Murphy

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfriend, Morgan Freeman


Ted 2 is again directed by Seth McFarlane

Ted 2 is again directed by Seth McFarlane

The success of Ted was completely unexpected. I doubt even director Seth McFarlane knew just how popular it would go on to become.

From special DVD’s to limited edition cuddly (or not so cuddly) toys, Ted has become something of a phenomenon. A sequel was always going to be on the cards and after three years perfecting it, McFarlane returns with Ted 2. But is it as funny as its predecessor? Continue reading