Mission: Impossible – Fallout review “Cruise and Mcquarrie Do It Again”

Mission: Impossible Fallout posterThe year: 1996. In between From Dusk til Dawn and Independence Day came yet another 90s TV to movie adaptation, Mission: Impossible. As you can see 22 years later, it certainly succeeded as the sixth installment in the franchise was released, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Being the sixth in the franchise surprisingly still presents a lot of firsts with the first recurring director in Christopher McQuarrie, first recurring leading female in Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa Faust, and the first recurring villain in Sean Harris’s Solomon Lane. However, did the return of many key roles lead to a movie as fun and exciting as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, or do we have another Mission: Impossible II on our hands. Let’s delve into that. Continue reading

“Clinical and incomprehensible” Hitman: Agent 47 review


Director: Aleksander Bach  

Music: Marco Beltrami

Starring: Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware


Copyright: 20th Century Fox

Copyright: 20th Century Fox

The transition from video game to movie is notoriously difficult to get right. From box-office disasters like Super Mario Bros. to the poorly received Resident Evil franchise, it appears no film is spared from either financial woe or critically panning.

Hitman has become one of the most popular game series’ ever but the 2007 film of the same name failed to kick-start the franchise’s transition to the silver screen. Now, eight years later, Rupert Friend stars as the red tie-wearing assassin in Hitman: Agent 47, but does it succeed as a reboot? Continue reading

“Relentless and action packed” Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation review


Director: Christopher McQuarrie  

Music: Joe Kraemer

Voices: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg


Ethan Hunt returns

Ethan Hunt returns

The Mission: Impossible franchise has had something of a resurgence over the course of its five films. The first film in the series was praised for its thrilling action and commanding turn from Tom Cruise.

The following two films failed to recapture what made the original such a hit, despite being popular at the box-office. 2011’s Ghost Protocol ensured the franchise still had a pulse and four years later Cruise returns in Rogue Nation. But does it continue the upward trend? Continue reading