Exclusive: Interview with Lee from Steps about his new acting roles

Interview with Lee Latchford-Evans

Foreword by Adam Brannon: A few weeks ago I got the chance to interview Steps’ Lee Latchford-Evans to discuss his journey into the world of acting. For those that don’t know Steps (and if so, where on earth have you been for the last 20 or so years), they are a British pop group who shot to fame in 1997 with hit-after-hit of wonderful 90s pop.

After the band split in 2001, they all went their separate ways, embarking on different projects, but since 2017, they have been giving the UK pop scene more smash-hits. Anyway, I digress (you can tell I’m a big fan) – I decided to sit down with Lee to discuss a new comedy horror film he had decided to star in – Paintball Massacre.

Shot on a micro-budget of just £100,000, Paintball Massacre was filmed in the heart of the English countryside in Somerset and has secured physical and digital distribution during the Covid pandemic, which is a feat in itself. This is what Lee had to tell me about working on the film – enjoy!

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