Cats review “What a way to end 2019”

Cats movie posterIt’s hard to think of a better director to helm a live-action adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic stage musical, Cats, than Tom Hooper. Already with 2013’s Les Misérables under his belt and receiving critical acclaim (and an Oscar no less) from 2011’s The King’s Speech, he’s adept in this field of film-making.

Nevertheless, Cats has been under much scrutiny since its trailers debuted earlier this year, with criticism being levelled at the unusual choice of CGI to render a roster of famous faces as the titular felines. But is the finished product a new classic or a cat-astrophy? Continue reading

The Dark Tower review “10 years in the making”

Adam Brannon HeadshotBy Adam Brannon. A film adaptation of Stephen King’s wildly successful Dark Tower novels has been rumoured for over a decade. In 2007, J.J. Abrams was attached to direct the film but dropped out in December 2009.

Then, in 2010, veteran director Ron Howard was to head the project, but that fell through in 2015. Finally, by June 2015 the film entered full-steam ahead production with Danish filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel at the helm.

So, 10 years on from the first murmurings of a Dark Tower film were discovered, what is the finished product like? And does it capture the wonder of that eight-novel behemoth by King? Continue reading

“Is it a return to form for Pixar?” Finding Dory review


By Adam Brannon

For years, Pixar was an unstoppable force. The studio combined stunning animation with thought-provoking stories that adults and children could enjoy. From Toy Story to Wall.E, everyone, at some point will have watched a Pixar film.

Then a few things caused the bubble to burst. Firstly, other companies upped their game, big time, with Dreamworks in particular being hot on the heels of their rival. Secondly, Pixar’s own partner, Disney started churning out great animated films with Zootropolis and Wreck-it Ralph worth a mention.

Finally, Pixar lost its way. Cars and its dreadful sequel, followed by an underwhelming prequel to Monsters Inc and the marketing disaster that was The Good Dinosaur all culminated in a studio damaged by its own high standards. Now, in 2016, we have a sequel to arguably Pixar’s best film, Finding Nemo, but does Finding Dory build on its predecessor or sink faster than a stone? Continue reading

“Crippled by shaky cam” Star Trek Beyond review


By Rob Stoakes

So, first thing’s first, what is it with the Star Trek reboots and their subtitles?

Star Trek: Beyond! Umm… beyond what? I’ve just seen the film and I can’t tell you what exactly they’re going beyond. Beyond good and evil, beyond the horizon, beyond the solar system, what? Into Darkness had the same problem; never once was it actually dark in that film. The originals never had this problem; Wrath of Khan did indeed have an angry man named Khan, and Search for Spock was about looking for Spock. But Beyond could be about anything. Continue reading

“A new classic” The Jungle Book review


By Adam Brannon

There’s an old saying; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and that was the kind of reaction many people had towards Disney’s live-action remake of The Jungle Book.

Helmed by Iron Man director, Jon Favreau, it certainly garnered a mixed response come its first trailer release late last year. But what is the finished product like? And are we looking at a new classic? Continue reading