“No moral theatre” Midnight Special review


By Rob Stoakes

There is a TV show that is well known across the pond in ‘murkha and not very well known here called Mystery Science Theatre 3000, where comedians watch terrible public domain films. It’s sort of like wrestling; most of it sounds rubbish but is actually great. Anyway, it was during the watching of Midnight Special where I thought of one of their more famous quotes; “We hope you’ve enjoyed no moral theatre, ladies and gentlemen!”

So, the plot of Midnight Special is that this child with no personality really needs to get to this place (we’re never told exactly where) and something will happen, and if he doesn’t then… umm… well, the film forgets to say. And it never gets around to saying how the boy knows he needs to get where he needs to get to, or why the FBI want to stop him, or why this Christian cult want to stop him, or why the people who help him and his family get him to this place want to help him. Continue reading