“Spectacularly dumb” Fast & Furious 8 review

Fast & Furious 8 review: by Adam Brannon

UK certification: 12A

14859347_1040969846011519_1192281544_o-copyWith box office takings of over $1.5billion, it was obvious that Universal Pictures would never let Furious 7 be the end of a multi-billion dollar franchise, no matter what many fans truly wanted.

The previous instalment was also, surprisingly, warmly received by critics who were impressed with how sensitively the naturally bombastic series handled the death of lead star Paul Walker. Two years on, the crew are back with Fast and Furious 8; does it do enough to keep the franchise on a high?

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Best Movie Cars: Top 5

We are now in our 7th edition of the MM Top 5 series and I am pleased at how popular the articles have become. Over the past few months we’ve looked at Harry Potter films, Marvel films, Family Films and many more.

This fortnight, we’re going to move away very slightly from ‘films’ but still with that movie theme running in the background. This edition of MM Top 5 is going to be looking at the best movie cars of all time. Continue reading