“Genuinely moving” Big Hero 6 Review


Director: Don Hall, Chris Williams   

Music: Henry Jackman

Voices: Ryan Potter, James Cromwell, Damon Wayans Jr.

The Marvel Studios movie train has been non-stop over the last few years, from Iron Man to The Avengers, it shows no signs of slowing. Now though, a take-over by Disney has ensured both studios enter into rather unknown territory.

The first film from this collaboration is Big Hero 6, an animated superhero film in the same vein as Pixar’s The Incredibles. But does it reach those dizzying heights? Continue reading

MM Top 5: 2015 Films

There hasn’t been an MM Top 5 since January this year, so I thought it would be high-time to bring the much beloved series out of retirement for a special Christmas edition. Yes, today we will be looking at the most anticipated films of 2015.

I’ll be guiding you through what to expect, a prediction of their box-office forecasts and any other vital information you may need.

So without further ado, let’s start. Continue reading