Unpopular Opinion: Avatar is an overrated movie

Is Avatar overratedThere are only so many times you can hear about a cinema classic, without giving in to the pressure of watching it. The guilt surrounding your lack of enthusiasm around a movie that appears to have turned the whole world upside down, dragging with it the expectations of film making as we have come to know it, forces you to need to watch something (even if you’re not really that bothered.) This is what happened to me with James Cameron’s Avatar: much to the chagrin of planet Earth…I didn’t like it.

As far as I was aware, as I walked into that cinema with my dad, not really fussed about if I saw the movie about blue people or just went home, this movie was going to be the best film I had ever seen. Even better than Clueless which, to me, was not an easy feat. Continue reading

MM Top 5: Opinion changing movies

Author: Rob Stoakes

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So, I ended up seeing Jurassic World for a second time with a friend. It was an interesting experiment for me, because I know that my thoughts of the film have been met with some disagreement, and here I could see if what I saw was not present on a second viewing. And the results are…

… I was completely right. Its stunning visuals are matched only by how bad the writing is. Every scene with the Indominus Rex is sublime but the “love and friendship saves the day” ending is at odds with the otherwise very dark tone of the film. The baffling score gels with the visuals as well as a book gels with a band-saw. Chris Pratt is very good, and Bryce Dallas Howard’s B-plot is misogynistic.

But not every film gets the same reception upon a second, third or even thirty-eighth viewing. So here we have the top five films that audiences and critics remember completely differently to how they saw it the first time around. Continue reading