MM Top 5

Click on one of the topics below to read the corresponding MM Top 5, and if you think there’s a subject that myself or Rob have missed, leave a comment in the box below with what you’d like to feature on the next edition.

Written by Adam Brannon

Film Franchises  /  Family Films  /  Movie Bad Guys

Disney Animated Films: Post 2000  /  Marvel Superhero Films

Harry Potter Films  /  Movie Cars  /  Disaster Scenes  /  Jurassic Park Jaw-droppers

Characters You Love to Hate  /  Tearjerkers  /  Movie Plane Crashes

Meryl Streep Roles  /  Liam Neeson Roles  /  2013 in Film  /  2015 Films  /  2014 Films

Film Scores  /  2015 Movie Posters  /  Movie Studio Introductions

Stan Lee Cameos  /  Jurassic World moments

Written by Rob Stoakes

Characters that Should Join the Avengers  /  Opinion Changing Movies

Butchered Movies  /  How to Rescue Superman

4 thoughts on “MM Top 5

  1. Might i suggest a top 5 please- top five on screen romances?

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