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By Dijana Druskic

Dijana Druskic, content writer for  reflects on the unexpected and tragic passing of Alan Rickman, earlier this month.

This year’s been rather rough for true music and film lovers out there. First, the world lost a part of its glamour and positive weirdness with the passing of David Bowie. Then the news struck again, just a few days later – Alan Rickman died age 69, same as David Bowie.

Two extremely talented artists that brought joy to us mere fans passed away and took some of the magic with them. I felt heartbroken even though I have never met these people in person. Here I’d like to pay my respects to Alan Rickman, an actor I’ve loved watching since my middle school days, sometime before his most recognizable role of Severus Snape. These are just few of the films featuring Alan Rickman that make me adore his acting. You can see this list as a celebration of his talent, with films that will keep entertaining us when we need it. And this is purely nostalgia-based subjective opinion.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my personal favourite. Technically, we don’t see Alan Rickman in the film, but we do enjoy in his unique voice as Marvin the depressed robot. I have rewatched this film many times and every time I love it. Strangely enough, this depressive robot might just be my favourite character. “Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take you down to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction, ’cause I don’t.”

Love Actually is my go-to Christmas time film, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I could watch it over and over again, which I do every season. It’s filled with an all starred cast, hilarious, heartfelt, beautiful and funny. You can see Alan Rickman’s character, Harry, as a villain of the story, because you just want to hug poor Karen (wonderful Emma Thompson) while she listens to Joni Mitchell.

The quote that always breaks me: “Imagine your husband bought a gold necklace, and come Christmas gave it to somebody else. Would you wait around to find out if it’s just necklace, or if it’s sex and a necklace, or if, worst of all, it’s a necklace and love? Would you stay, knowing life would always be a little worse? Or would you cut and run?”


  1. Die Hard is another Christmas film, but wildly different from the previous one. Actually, one thing they have in common is Alan Rickman as a bad guy. Even though he’s playing a German villain, Rickman’s Shakespearean persona shines through in a role of Hans Gruber: “I wanted this to be professional. Efficient, adult, cooperative. Not a lot to ask. Alas, your Mr Takagi did not see it that way, so… he won’t be joining us for the rest of his life.” There are only few who can play a villain and have the audience rooting for them instead of the hero, but then again that’s what makes Alan Rickman my hero.
  2. Galaxy Quest. Yes, Galaxy Quest. Lovingly skewering Star Trek while cutting its own path, the film is an ideally cast, solidly assembled comic spectacle with its heart and brain in the right place. It is an exciting, funny, and outstandingly entertaining piece of work that rated among 1999’s best films. “Never give up, never surrender.” It pays homage to Star Trek with a serious story and a hilarious cast, making Galaxy Quest a truly unique addition to sci-fi and comedy films.


  1. Dogma. Not many remember this particular Kevin Smith film, but a lot consider it one of his best works. With Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as fallen angels trying to get back into heaven using a loophole in Catholic dogma, and lots of other great people, this is a hilarious film that really does a nice job making fun of religion while remaining extremely funny. Also, they send a group of misfits on a quest to stop them and stop the end of the world. Alan Rickman is once again the best part of the film: “I am Metatron. Don’t tell me the name doesn’t ring a bell. You people… if there is no movie about it, it isn’t worth knowing, is it?” Obviously the subject matter will annoy a lot of people, but like it’s stated at the start of the film, this is a work of comedy fiction and not to be taken entirely seriously.

I wish we could celebrate talented artists on the day they are born, if only we’d know in advance what depth and quality they’d bring one day to their fans’ lives like Alan Rickman had. These films are just a few titles from his long and inspiring career, and I’m sure you have your own favourites. Just to cheer myself up, I’ll probably go and watch one, and I’d recommend you do as well… I’m thinking Galaxy Quest. Again.

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