Spielberg: ‘Jurassic Park 4 is on schedule’

Steven Spielberg

Fantastic news for fans of Jurassic Park, it seems Steven Spielberg is just as excited for the release of the long awaited 4th instalment as we are.

Speaking to Coming Soon, Spielberg announced that the film is ‘on schedule’ but would not disclose whether or not the movie will be a prequel or complete reboot of the franchise, calling it ‘another boring secret’.

He said: “I haven’t been active in the last year because I’ve been so busy obviously on War Horse, Tintin and now I’m currently shooting Lincoln, but right now, it’s on the schedule to bring out another Jurassic Park.”

Jurassic Park 4 is expected to be released in the next two years.

Excited? Let me know what your perfect JP4 would involve in the comment box below.

One thought on “Spielberg: ‘Jurassic Park 4 is on schedule’

  1. Good news! Can’t wait to see what they come up with, I hope they bring a completely new set of characters to the franchise! 2013 will be a good year!

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