Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince

To get us all in the Harry Potter spirit and to ready everyone for the exciting release of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, I’ve just uploaded the review of the most recent movie in perhaps the world’s most loved franchise: Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. Enjoy!

The sixth instalment in the internationally loved wizarding franchise has been perhaps one of the most awaited films of the decade; even more so considering the gruelling year fans have had to wait since it was decided to push the film back 12 months.

David Yates is once again at the helm, which after the fifth film is somewhat of a surprise to many critics. With rumours speculating the return of Alfonso Cuaron as director, I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking perhaps we could get things back on track.

Alas, it was not to be. After two disappointing instalments, a third would be disastrous, though unfortunately, it seems to be the case here. Yates’ films just refuse to hit the spot, delving into unnecessary storylines that really don’t progress the film further. Take for example the climatic finale of the book atop the astronomy tower; well it’s been cut, replaced with an hour or so of non-stop snogging… ridiculous? I have words much stronger than that to describe it, but yes, ridiculous can do for now.

It would be silly to expect things to be perfect, but a little cohesion would have been welcome; to people who have not read the books, these films are starting to get incomprehensible and even to those that have, it still isn’t an enjoyable experience. Remember the chapter where The Burrow blows up? No? Well that’s because there isn’t one, but it’s been added, for explosions sake.

The Dursleys are cut, Dobby – cut, Dumbledore’s funeral – cut, Kreacher – cut, Bill and Fleur – cut, in fact most of the important things from the book; have been cut.

Happily, there is a rather small pot of gold at the end of this murky rainbow. The acting from most is absolutely excellent, Daniel Radcliffe has grown into his role brilliantly and Michael Gambon seems to finally have chosen the right moods for Dumbledore and his character. Newcomer Jim Broadbent is superb in his role as potions master Horace Slughorn and Alan Rickman is as usual glorious and fully able to spread his wings in the larger role he has been given in this film. On the negative side, Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley hasn’t developed into her role well, with her acting still being stilted; unfortunate, as her part is much larger in this film than the others.

Unfortunately, just like the previous two films, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince really hasn’t hit the spot, it seems the larger books of the boy wizards saga have in reality stumped their respective directors, ending up as a complete mess. It certainly has its moments, though at 153 minutes it should have; but it seems the best film from the 8 has been made slightly too prematurely. Film number 7, come on down!

2 ½ / 5

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